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FreeCAD VendorParts Workbench

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My first experience with CAD software was with Fusion 360 a few years ago. One nice thing about that particular package is that it comes with a slick widget that embeds the McMaster-Carr website, allowing you to import part models.

FreeCAD is my CAD software of choice these days. I like it because I can customize and automate tasks with python scripts. A few months ago, I realized that an equivalent to fusion's McMaster addon would be a nice thing to have. I was able to become familiar with a conceptually similar addon made by CADENAS. (see 3DFindIt addon).

Somewhat surprisingly, QtWebEngine makes embedding an arbitrary website into a Qt app almost comically easy. The end result of a few days work is a fairly usable widget that can embed pretty much any vendor website that offers downloads of 3D CAD models into FreeCAD:

The Github repository is publicly available, if that interests you.

There's also a FreeCAD forum thread for the addon, if you want to discuss it there.

Thanks for looking!